Need transport?

  • What we’ve been doing for the past years which has been working pretty well is a car-pooling system. Meaning, if you can’t drive or don’t own a car, we’ll hook you up with camper around your area who can fetch you to the campsite. Hey, a 30 minute drive (more or less, depending where you live) is a good way to get to know your fellow campers. The plus is, they even live around your area so you’ll be sure that you have a chance to meet up with them again after camp!
  • This year, the camp site is at MBS Rawang. We will be coordinating with campers that would like to volunteer themselves to pick up other campers around the area / state where they live.

Do i need to apply for leave on 25th Oct, Friday to join the camp?

  • Yes, please apply for leave early. However if your half day or full day leave is not approved, you could consider to travel on Friday evening after your working hours. The travel time from Klang Valley to the campsite only takes about 30mins.
  • Also, please take note 28th Oct, Monday is a replacement public holiday for Deepavali (All states except Sarawak).

Camp clashes with an event / appointment?

  • In the registration form, kindly let us know whether you will be joining for either the entire 4 days of camp or you will arrive later/leave earlier. Because we know sometimes, it isn’t as easy to take leave as you wish (oh, the great uni days of skipping and attend replacement classes!)
  • If you have an event, duties, appointment, wedding, etc that you need to attend during the camp. You can excuse yourself by informing the camp commander and return to camp after your event.
  • Having said that, we would like to encourage all campers to stay for the entire duration of the camp for a complete camp experience and fellowship. Also, this would reduce the extra effort required by the camp committee to arrange for accommodation, meals and transport.
  • So please note that we are only allow camp registration for (4 days, 3 nights) and (3 days, 2 nights) stay.

Allergic to any types of food?

  • Feel free to let us know any food allergies you have and we will try our best to inform the caterer about your needs.

Financial assistance needed?

  • If you are struggling with finances (fresh grads or those in between job), please email us your need. We will try our best to arrange for camp fee sponsorship for you.
  • Full-time church workers and employees of Christian NGOs are eligible for further discount. (Camp committee will contact you for further details)

Is this camp interdenominational?

  • Yes, and we will be sensitive when it comes to doctrinal teaching, prayer, worship, speaking in tongues and the order of conducting services.

Is transportation cost included in the camp fees?

  • No, it isn’t. Please be considerate by sharing the cost of petrol and toll with your driver and other passengers in the same car. Thank you!

What if I register now, but can’t make it for the camp at the last minute?

  • Please make full payment before the camp, we will not be accepting payment at the camp site. Feel free to contact us if you require special arrangement for paying.
  • If you can’t make it, please try to find a replacement. If you are unable to do so, please inform us as early as possible of your reason and camp committees will consider to refund.

What kind of accommodation will it be?

  • Dormitory

Is this iBridge camp only for fresh graduates (below 4 years working experience)?

  • No, the camp is not just for fresh graduates, we welcome everyone who are interested in the camp theme and aged below 40 years old.