Plenary : Timothy Liu

Timothy is a healthcare administrator and serves as CEO of Dover Park Hospice, a charity to serve the terminally-ill. Prior to that, he spent 20 years as Regional Sales, Marketing, and Business Development Director for several multi-national companies in the fields of engineering and technology. He holds a BA in Electrical Engineering and an MBA.

Based in Singapore, he founded the Marketplace Christian Network in 2001 as Director of Ministry and was President of the Graduates’ Christian Fellowship Singapore from 2007-14, with which he continues to be involved as a council member. He is also a resource person for the IFES East Asia Graduates Conference.

Passionate about helping believers make the link between faith and work, he speaks at churches and conferences and runs workshops and retreats. At his local congregation, he serves as a worship leader and as a deacon for the Care Group Ministry, equipping through holistic discipleship, including workplace ministry. He is serving as Catalyst (Senior Associate) for the Lausanne movement and was involved in the writing of the Lausanne Occasional Paper 40 on Workplace Ministry. He also chairs the Global Workplace Forum to be held in Manila in 2019.

Workshop (Mental Wellness) : Patrick Cheng

Patrick has been in Christian ministry for over three decades. He holds a Bachelor of Theology from the Malaysia Bible Seminary, a M.A. in Pastoral Counselling from Alpha Omega International College and a Master in Counselling from HELP University.

His passion is to come alongside church leaders to build Emotionally Healthy Churches through speaking engagements and training workshops on strong marriages, smart parenting effective counselling skills, emotional excellence, sexual addiction and other mental health issues.

Besides his ministry at the National Association of Christian Counsellors (NACC) as their President, he is also a licensed counsellor at a professional counselling centre and a part-time lecturer at a local university. He has authored a book entitled Different Sage for Different Stage: A Journey in Christian Counselling, examining the needs of different stages of life from a biblical and psychological perspective.

He is married to Germaine and has 2 adult sons.

Workshop (Family/Relationship): Weng Hou & Gaik Suan

Weng Hou and Gaik Suan will be celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary this Aug 2019. They met while serving in the University Christian Fellowship as President and Secretary respectively and then went on to serve in the churches they attended through the years.

Weng Hou has been a deacon, prayer leader, church preacher and a care-group leader for over 20 years. Gaik Suan has been a children church teacher, youth advisor, bible teacher and also a care-group leader with her husband. Over the years, they have walked with many couples going through marriage difficulties, conducted parenting classes and journeyed with those grieving the loss of family members. They hold family relationships as important and that bringing family to be reconciled to God should be the Christian’s responsibility first.

They have three children, all of whom were home-schooled at home until they went to college. Their children have all since graduated and work, with the eldest one already married.

Workshop (Interfaith/Nation Building): Prof. Living Lee

Dr. Living Lee Chai Peng was Professor of Geology, Science Faculty, University of Malaya before he retired in 2011. He has taught courses at University of Malaya and University Technology PETRONAS on a part time basis after retirement.

He is the Chairman Elder of People’s Park Baptist Church, Petaling Jaya. He is an advisor and past president of Graduates Christian Fellowship Malaysia and vice chairman of Fellowship of Evangelical Students Malaysia.

He is married to Grace and has four children and four grandchildren. He has been actively participating in interfaith dialogues for more than ten years.

Workshop (Finance): Chan CY

Mr CY Chan has over 20 years of experience in the finance industry, having started his career in banking and tax consulting before specialising in capital markets. As an investor and investment advisor, he has covered the onshore and offshore financial markets. In his present employment, he heads strategies and a team of investment specialists.