I’ve been attending iBridge Camps since 2011, so I guess you could say, I’m an iBridge veteran. It’s hard for me to summarise all my experiences but if you’re considering to sign up and wondering if it is worth it, I would say it is. I have never regretted attending the camps throughout the years, as I always learn something from each camp. It’s simply not something you experience every day: To be able to zip off to a four-day retreat, free from any responsibilities back home, be myself, meet fellow Christians from various backgrounds, find commonalities with each other, learn together, laugh together, complain about certain “quirks” of the campsite together, whether it be the food, the room or whatnot. At a Nation Building session, I learned that we shouldn’t put our “hope” in politics. At a Work session, I learned that there are many aspects to take into account holistically on performing our work to glorify God. During an outing nearby the campsite, I walked alongside someone as I poured out my heart, and received encouragement and validation from a person I only met a day prior, but already felt like he understood where I was coming from. God speaks to us in many ways, and He may just decide to speak to your heart during this camp. Sign off on that registration form, and enjoy the ride.

Ju Enn

I attended iBridge first in 2005 and a few camps after that .. and made friends that keeps in touch even to this day. Met new friends and learned how to transition from studies to work .. a good deal, I say.

Edward Ling

My first iBridge camp was in Tapah, Perak. I had just graduated from university and the camp was not long after I return home to Malaysia. I enjoyed camps like these. We made new friends (some whom we are still very close till now!). I realised whatever stage of life we are in, we have brothers and sisters in Christ who can empathise, share life and learn from. I remember the impression of the few key speakers in that camp and leaving the campsite more energised and ready to take on the marketplace. The topics, workshops and speakers were carefully selected to ensure that they are relevant to our calling and identity in Christ. I’ve been to at least 4 camps. Go-lah!

Sandra Chan

WOW! Has it really been 10 years since I last went to an iBridge camp? I recalled having a good amount of fun, balanced off with a good amount of seeking and thinking. The camp made a big impact on me as I got to meet some amazing people, both campers and speakers whom became close friends, mentors and role models for life. I highly recommend signing up – there will be something that you can take away and cherish for a long long time.
(ps – it’s a whole lot more fun being part of the organising camp committee)

Samuel Yau
Camper/Camp commander iBridge 2008

3 of us from GCF Thailand joined iBridge camp in 2016 and it was an amazing time. It was a new experience to stay in a jungle, disconnect from social media and connect socially with new people in REAL LIFE. Thank God for the blessed time of meeting lovely people in the camp. It was very insightful for me to exchange some views about how God works and how He loves us! The MBTI-personal activity was fascinating. I met people similar to me as well as different from me. I also learned how to cooperate with them (I still use this lesson till now!). I was super happy to join the camp, it was SUPER fun and I have learned! I hope everyone will enjoy the camp in 2019 too.

Ruth (GCF Thailand)

I bumped into a fellow camper in church a few years after the camp. Later, I discovered the person hasn’t been going to church for a few years. I eventually got the camper connected again. He/She is now back on track!

Eric Tan
Camper/Camp commander iBridge 2014

I have attended iBridge camps twice (2017 & 2018), once as a camper and second as a committee. Whether serving or participating, I have found rest and a break from a routine. Sometimes having a devoted routine as a Christian can be intimidating. One may feel like they are losing their own freedom. Loving God can be seen as a chore. Breaking off from the routine really helped me to reset and start serving God more diligently, with the additional motivation and strength gained from the camp. Truly, the lessons learned from the camps were very applicable in working environment. Workshops held during the camp was also helpful in my career decisions. Ultimately, the camp was a blessing to me.

Yu Hong

First attended iBridge in 2012. Had a wonderful time at camp: listening to the speakers, taking part in the games and group activities. It was a blessing to find a place with much friendship, positive energy, fun and creativity. Made many great friends.


iBridge is a good place to connect with fellow young working Christians from different backgrounds and denominations, to come together to encourage one another, and to hear what God has to say through godly Christians who have many experiences to share.

Jeremy Tan

I have enjoyed all the iBridge camps I attended (About 10 of it). What I like most is the opportunity to meet and fellowship with Christian young working adults from diverse backgrounds and different churches. iBridge’s focus on marketplace ministry and vocation is ever relevant and meaningful in today’s challenging work environment, and iBridge camps are great opportunities to learn from experienced speakers and interact with peers. Of course, the camps were also chances to have fun, relax and make new friends, some which could last for a lifetime.

Lee Hwok Lok
Camper/Camp Commander 2005

In early years as a fresh graduate, I looked forward to join iBridge camp as it created an opportunity to meet and make new friends. Many of which were friends from previous camps and it was one of the yearly events where we kept in touch. These are cherished friendships that bonded from attending prior iBridge events and many remain dear close friends till now. Coming from a small church, iBridge camp was a good chance to meet other Christians, who were going through a similar phase in life as I was. Having a group of friends who uphold the same values and interests made the transition from varsity life to working life easier and more meaningful. Being a part of iBridge has been a wonderful experience that supported me through my early years as a young adult.

Deborah Lee

My first iBridge camp was back in 2008, when I was at one of my lowest point of my life, and felt spiritually dead. I was at the stage where church, christians and God’s word were irrelevant to my present or future. I signed up for the camp after much hesitation, and took it as an opportunity to get out of my daily routine of work and problems in life. I thought I was so ‘dead’ anyway that a camp like this won’t change me much. I was so wrong. God spoke to me from the first night until the last. I never felt God speaking to me this way before through the speakers, sharing sessions, and even the campers. It was from this point on, that God kept speaking to me until He moved me to surrender to His will. I moved from corporate to serving in an NGO. I changed from needing to be fully in control, to allowing God to be in control. I’m a 3rd generation Christian. Experiencing God in this way, especially when you were not searching for Him, is mind-blowing. He found me even when I had denied, walked away, and chose a life devoid of Him. Give yourself a chance to experience Him, your future depends on it. YOLO4Christ

Camper/Camp Commander 2010